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We understand that in today's economy, our customers need flexibility. We have helped thousands of customers in the same situation. The following options may be available to you to settle your debt. Take a look and call us to discuss what options may be best for you.


We will customize a solution based upon your unique situation. Our team of experts will utilize all available tools to help you resolve your outstanding debt.


We have helped our customers who chose this plan completely eliminate their mortgage debt at a fraction of their total balance.
  • We have helped OVER 9,000 Customers save OVER  $425 Million Dollars to date with this plan
  • This option completely satisfies the balance in full.
  • 80% of customer paid in 1 Lump Sum Payment to settle their balance in full
  • 20% of customer paid in Multiple Installments ranging from 3 months up to 60 months*
  • This plan includes a release of lien** if applicable.

*Average 12 monthly installments
**Release of lien: Satisfaction of Mortgage document being recorded at the collateral county recorder's office


We understand the contractual amount (mortgage debt) our customers originally agreed to repay (the terms of the note executed at closing) was not affordable and has led to the delinquency problem on the account.

We are able to negotiate down that agreed upon (but unaffordable) monthly payment so our customers can begin repaying that debt.

  • Number of Customers helped with this option = Over 3,500
  • Average monthly payment amount = $305
  • The monthly payment amounts customers have paid on the balance repayment plan have ranged from $50/month up to $1,200/month
  • We have accepted temporary and long-term payment plans at amounts our customers can afford to begin repayment of their total mortgage debt